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2000 lines 'n feelin fine!

Well, its getting there, with no help by the way :-)

Features implemented:
You can now change a channel's topic providing your +o, or thier is no channel topic protection.
Lists the names of the users on the channel.
Join a channel, if its a new channel, you get a free gift ( +o )
Leave a channel
Read the 'Message Of The Day'.
Quit the server.
Replys to pings
Message a channel ( can't message clients... yet ;-) )
Change a channel's modes, only +t & +o does something of interest at the moment, the other modes are pretty much arbirary.

Posted by escii zer0for0je 2004-03-21

Development well underway, and not a moment too soon.

Development is well under way, every day im adding more features and fixes to e2ircd and have managed to squish a few weird bugs that have been pluageing it in the last few days. But i can't do it alone - I need YOUR help to make this project a raving sucsess, so please download the tree, test it, report any bugs, or even supply your own patches.

Posted by escii zer0for0je 2004-03-17