Synchronization of superblock backups

  • Anonymous - 2004-08-27

    After installing a fresh Fedora Core 2, I noticed that they are pages and pages of inconsistencies if I'm using one of the superblock backups in fsck.ext3 instead on the master one.
    Reading the changes in the implementation of e2fsck, I noticed that updates of the backups seem to be now only done when major changes occured.
    In that case, there seem to be major differences because if I try to repare my filesystem using one of the backups, many files seem to be broken.
    Is there a way to resynchronize the backups with the "master" ?


    • Theodore Ts'o

      Theodore Ts'o - 2005-01-19

      The only inconsistencies you should be seeing are ones in pass 5, which relate to the summary of the number free blocks, inodes, et. al, in each block group.  These numbers can always be safely regenerated, which is why we don't back up those changes to the alternates.  If you are seeing more changes than that, then there's something more serious going on.   Fedora Core 2 didn't have the infamous on-line resizing patch with the buggy e2fsprogs where resize2fs would corrupt your filesystem, did it? 


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