HELP! e2fsck run on whole disk

  • M0shiach

    M0shiach - 2006-11-09

    Man was that ever a boneheaded move.  I accidentally ran e2fsck -Ddfvy /dev/hdb instead of e2fsck -Ddfvy /dev/hdb1.   Is there anyway to recover from this?  The disk I ran it on contained my entire mp3 collection and was not backed up. 

    • Anonymous - 2006-11-10

      is that destructive then?

      • M0shiach

        M0shiach - 2006-11-10

        It appears to be.  Running it on the whole disk seems to have destroyed all the superblocks.  I can't find a way to recover the filesystem that was on partition hdb1. 

        • Theodore Ts'o

          Theodore Ts'o - 2006-11-13

          It seems highly unlikely that e2fsprogs would have destroyed all of the superblock.  More likely is that the partition table is damaged.  Have you checked to make sure it is OK?

          • M0shiach

            M0shiach - 2006-11-13

            Yes, the partition is still there and the table looks ok.  I've found, strangely enough, that I can mount the whole disk and it's full of numbered files in lost+found.  Yes, there is a lost+found on hdb where there shouldn't be.  It's like the command I ran rebuilt the filesystem onto hdb.I don't think I'm going to get anything off this disk.


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