Code stepping doesn't work on symlink

  • Lieven Hollevoet


    I tried to step through a Perl script that was actually a symbolic link in the eclipse workspace (reason: I needed multiple Perl files that are at different location in an SVN). I'm aware that this is not the recommended way of working with Eclipse.

    Everything seems to work correctly, except the source code window stepping. There is no arrow listed next to the source code that shows where the debugger currently is halted, and the window remains static as I step through the code.

    When I copy the files to the project folder, the stepping does work.

    I don't think this is an EPIC-specific 'feature', more likely this is due to something in the underlying Eclipse framework.

    I just want to share this info to others that encounter this problem.

    Environment: Ubuntu 10.04 amd64 with Eclipse 3.5.2, EPIC 0.6.36 and the Sun Java environment.

    Best regards,

  • Plenty Groover Jr.

    You're lucky, I can't even get it to debug as it times out waiting for the debugger.  Granted, I am running on Windows XP, but I should think it's pretty straight forward at this point.

  • Plenty Groover Jr.

    Thanks for the info, it seems spot on! :)


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