C.Wright - 2012-05-29

Podge supports the following DB2 data types

● Numeric : Packed, Signed, Integer, Binary ( 2 & 4 Byte )

● Character : Fixed and Vary length

● Stamps : Dates Numeric 6, 7 and 8 . and all Time Stamp formats

● Null Capable fields

● Multiple file sources using SQLs Join etc

Podge display features

● CLP Subfile capability. CL programs can generate subfile displays using Podge command.

Podge works well with operating system *OUTFILE listed output.
● Multiple panel design allowing full screen / window and various sizes and positions on screen. New panel formats easily made and added to Podge.
● Date conversion e.g. CYYMMDD displays as DD/MM/CCYY

● Window title and border colour

● Column titles and automatic positioning

● Data column colour , text justification, casing and truncation

● Defined Function Keys

● Single / Multiple subfile selection

● Subfile selection validation

Podge returns details to calling program

● A Key Value. The key value can be one or more values extracted from SQL. The key value is passed back to the requesting program signalling the subfile line(s) selected. The return key could be a file RRN and/or a field value(s).

● Multiple returns supported ( up to 9999 selections )

● Function Key. A two digit number representing the Function key pressed.

● Subfile selection value. A one character code which is the option entered on the subfile line.