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Dynamic 3D Network Platform / News: Recent posts

Specification Publishing at started

I started publishing and describing all specification at
I know, that it will take a long time, to complete it, but everything has a beginning... ;)

Posted by Tobias Wegner 2002-05-22

Linux files reuploaded

I also reuploaded the linux source files.

Posted by Tobias Wegner 2002-05-19

Windows Client Downloads fixed

Because of equal filenames, some files from different packages got mixed. Now I reuploaded all Files from the Windows Client, the other will come soon.

Posted by Tobias Wegner 2002-05-19

First Linux Sources uploaded

I uploaded the first linux sources from the server.

Posted by Tobias Wegner 2002-05-11

Mailinglist for Developers added

Mailinglist for Developers added.

Posted by Tobias Wegner 2002-04-28

Client files uploaded to CVS

Client files uploaded to CVS.

Posted by Tobias Wegner 2002-04-27

I please every developer...

... to post, what he plans to do in the forum "Tasks & Communication" so that nothing is done twice and that others know, where they can help.

Posted by Tobias Wegner 2002-04-26 in Direct3D and Client is the same

To avoid missunderstanding, i want to remark, that the file "" in the package "direct3d" is exactly the same file as the same named in the package "client"

Posted by Tobias Wegner 2002-04-26

All Clientfiles Uploaded

All Clientfiles Uploaded

Posted by Tobias Wegner 2002-04-23

Public Forum "Ideas & Feedback" added

Please Post all your Ideas and Feedback in the corresponding forum.

Posted by Tobias Wegner 2002-04-20

Started uploading Modules

I started uploading the currently existing Modules step by step and will go on, the next days.

Posted by Tobias Wegner 2002-04-20

Screenshots available

Now i started publishing some screenshots and will update them regularly.

Greetings Tobias Wegner

Posted by Tobias Wegner 2002-04-18

Linux coders needed

Because I am a quite good programmer for windows, i would need coders that can port the client and later also the server from windows to linux. OpenGL knowledge would be perfect, because the current code uses direct3d so also the render module must be altered.

Posted by Tobias Wegner 2002-04-16

Let's start

As the project has been approved by SourceForge, i think i should begin uploading everything, i made till now.

Posted by Tobias Wegner 2002-04-16