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dwemo / News: Recent posts

dwemo: 0.0.2 released!

dwemo-0.0.2 has been released! Some major and minor changes included. References to Motif development files have been removed, some little-used and unused keybindings have been stripped, and there was some manual code beautification. As always, help dwemo development by downloading, testing, and posting questions, comments, and suggestions to the dwemo Open Discussion forum.

Posted by Nolan Liebert 2008-05-17


In a retraction of the news from 13.05.2008, a second dwemo release will not happen this week. In response to the number of downloads, a new development release will come in response to feedback. To aid in development, please use the dwemo project Open Discussion forums to post questions, comments, bugs, and feature requests. Any feedback is welcome and appreciated. If you wish to actively join the development of dwemo, post a request in the dwemo project forums, or contact the administrator via email. Thank you for your interest and support.

Posted by Nolan Liebert 2008-05-15

13-05-2008 Update

dwemo-0.0.2 will be released within the week. Expect lesser-used keybindings to be removed. Also, any feedback on the presence of MWM_HINTS and Xinerama support would be very helpful for further development.
Any feature and/or help requests should be directed to the project Open Discussion forum, accessible from the project homepage.

Posted by Nolan Liebert 2008-05-14

dwemo - So Small It's Sad

Today dwemo, an alternative minimal window manager for X was launched. A basic Wiki outlining the project is available from the main project page, and forums are now open for Help and Open Discussion. The obvious highlight is that dwemo-0.0.1 has been released. Grab the download and help test and develop dwemo.

Posted by Nolan Liebert 2008-05-13