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DVR 3.99.3 released !

This new version adds support for audio/video codec selection. It is now possible to choose which codec to use and edit the properties values.
Also it is now possible to record audio, even if there is no selectable parameter.

Posted by Pierre Hébert 2007-06-02

DVR 3.99.2 released !

DVR 3.99.2 is a nearly complete rewrite of the older 3.2 version. As such a lots of previously existing features are still missing. It is rather a preview of what is going on the project, than a ready to use version.
DVR now uses GStreamer as a strong and reliable basis. Also new web pages are available at
More is coming soon, feedback on this development version will be appreciated :-)
Have fun !

Posted by Pierre Hébert 2007-03-03

DVR 3.2 released !

This release feature a new window when DVR starts : it allows the user to choose the video device to use, among the auto detected devices.

Posted by Pierre Hébert 2004-01-03

DVR 3.1 released !

This version adds a better management of video device which enables full multi-threading.
It should also fix a minor problem that prevented many user to run DVR correctly.

Posted by Pierre Hébert 2003-07-31

DVR 3.0 released !

This release of DVR features significant improvement and bug fixes. It especially supports webcam, including a software preview for those devices which don't provide overlay video.

Posted by Pierre Hébert 2003-05-22

DVR 2.9 has been released !

This version features support for variable frame rate. The user can now choose a frequency as low as 1 hertz, till full frequency (25 or 30 hertz for example). This allow to save storage space when recording very long video with few variations.

Posted by Pierre Hébert 2003-05-06

DVR 2.8 has been released !

This version of the Digital Video Recorder for Linux introduces a console only version tool, suitable for batch records. This version also features a brand new video interface, which should resolve a lot of minor problems encountered by a lot of users. Some clearer documentation has also been written : see
Enjoy !

Posted by Pierre Hébert 2003-04-26

update, at last...

The dvr 2.7.9-2 package fixes numerous compilation problems. The avifile package is not included anymore. Users will have to recompile dvr for now.

Posted by Pierre Hébert 2003-02-10

new test package to use with care

This package includes a special avifile version. It should avoid conflicts with other versions of avifile.

Posted by Pierre Hébert 2002-05-24

qt3 and translations

DVR has upgraded to qt3.
Thanks to Denny Schierz there are now a german version of DVR. And there will be soon a french version ;-)

Posted by Pierre Hébert 2002-04-22

crash proof !

DVR should now catch avifile errors, and show a clear message, instead of aborting without comment.
The recording core has also been improved.

Posted by Pierre Hébert 2002-01-16

cut, join avi files with streamfactory

Now with streamfactory you can edit your movies in order to cut them, join them and more !
It is a command line tool with a fully configurable behaviour. See the README file inside the package.

Posted by Pierre Hébert 2002-01-07

audio/video sync

fixed a bug about audio/video sync in case of heavy frame loss

Posted by Pierre Hébert 2002-01-04

rpm and source rpm added, for tests

These rpms are just for test. There are my first rpms, so they may not work...

Posted by Pierre Hébert 2001-12-24

audio/video sync improved

The audio/video sync should now be kept in every situations.

Posted by Pierre Hébert 2001-12-13

channels management

It is now possible to switch between video channels without having to leave DVR and lauch another TV software.

Posted by Pierre Hébert 2001-12-02

fulscreen preview

a fullscreen mode is now available, provided that you've got a video mode corresponding to the resolution used for record.

Posted by Pierre Hébert 2001-11-05

updating, minor changes

added some checkboxes, some tests, and improved the kernel of DVR

Posted by Pierre Hébert 2001-10-07

Version 2.1 : added the "no-sound" option

Now a check box in the audio configuration page allow you to choose wether to record audio or not.

Posted by Pierre Hébert 2001-08-26

Version 2 released !

New GUI, new features and some minor cleanings

Posted by Pierre Hébert 2001-05-17

back to work on GUI, after some days of "vacation"

I'm working on a new GUI, in order to add more flexibility and to add some functionnalities.

Posted by Pierre Hébert 2001-05-15

improved configuration

now you can change audio device and the main video parameters are also saved.

Posted by Pierre Hébert 2001-04-29

added saving and reloading parameters

now DVR saves parameters like width, height, file name, etc

Posted by Pierre Hébert 2001-04-25

autoconf, automake

DVR has now a configuration script !

Posted by Pierre Hébert 2001-04-24