#537 DVDStyler v2.5.2 on Windows 7 : 16:9 Menu button's size shrinked


I, at first, thought it was me doing something wrong but after reading this:
I think this is a bug.
Since I didn't find a solution to this I post here.
The problem starts from here:

I -and many others as I understand- want to create a 16:9 menu.
I placed my menu background images and set the menu properties to 16:9 (I admit they are resized within DVDStyler as they aren't really that format proportion... I didn't try to resize them with a graphic software so that they become originally 16:9 format proportioned before I use them as menu background but I don't think this would really solve the problem or someone before me would have thought about it and tell in the help forum... as I said, I didn't find a solutive post about this.)
...Ok so I put these background images and then I created some buttons to switch from a menu to another or to make the main video start playing.
When I look at the preview inside DVDStyler everything looks fine.
As I burn a DVD or create an ISO image to mount, what I get is that the menu buttons aren't "rendered" the right size: they are smaller.
TO BE EXACT: the problem is mainly the width.
While the height is almost (some buttons appear right, other 1 or 2 pixel smaller), and
they appear properly aligned starting at the right position from left side they are something like 10 to 20 pixel narrower by the right side.
Is it possible to solve this?


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