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0.8.4 Released

This latest release fixes a few bugs with the old version and improves compatibility with the latest versions of modern support programs.

Posted by Scott Dylewski 2011-08-21

0.8.0 released!

This is a huge release with lots of changes. Most notably, themes are possible, ffmpeg is the default encoder now, smother effects, and the new wipe effect. See the complete changelog for details. Please help add documentation on the project wiki webpage: http://dvd-slideshow.sourceforge.net

Posted by Scott Dylewski 2007-01-15

dvd-slideshow 0.7.3 released!

I've finally collected all the great feedback from everybody and released a new version. There's lots of bugfixes, including support for Debian Etch, a new .deb package release thanks to "alien" (please send details if you have problems), and a few new features in dvd-slideshow that should make everybody happy.

Posted by Scott Dylewski 2006-01-23

gallery2-to-dvd added

Thanks to the great work of Marcus Brown, we now have a script to automatically make slideshows from a gallery2 album or site. If you're using Gallery 2, you need to check this out!

Posted by Scott Dylewski 2005-12-23

GUI for dvd-slideshow

Check out the new project http://slcreator.sourceforge.net for creating and modifying slideshows. It's still in early development, but makes it much easier to modify the crop and kenburns parameters in your input files.

Posted by Scott Dylewski 2005-12-23

dvd-slideshow 0.7.2 released

I finally got around to releasing 0.7.2. There were several major fixes for recent versions of mjpegtools, so download this one as soon as possible if you're having problems.

Posted by Scott Dylewski 2005-11-24

dvd-slideshow 0.7.2 pre-release

Since there's been so many issues with the new mjpegtools causing problems with dvd-slideshow, I've released an un-tested version of the upcoming 0.7.2 release that should fix the problems. Let me know if there are any major bugs.

Posted by Scott Dylewski 2005-11-19

Dvd-Slideshow 0.6.0 released!

This release of dvd-slideshow fixed a few major outstanding usability bugs: With long slideshows, mplex would crash, creating problems for people who want to use more than 50 or 100 pictures. I also found that many of my DVDs wouldn't play in my friends' dvd players, so using AC3 audio instead of mpeg2 seems to fix that problem. FFmpeg is now required so you can generate AC3 audio. Please let me know if you find any bugs...

Posted by Scott Dylewski 2004-04-24

dvd-slideshow 0.5.4 released

dvd-slideshow makes a DVD slideshow video with menus from a text file listing of pictures, effects, and audio tracks. You can add some nice effects like fades, crops, scrolls, or Ken Burns effects. The updates are slowing down now since the program does mostly what I want it to do. This update adds some features in the audio system: two audio tracks are possible now, and it is possible to re-define the background image anywhere in the slideshow. Also, I added a script dir2slideshow to easily take a directory of images an convert it to a dvd-slideshow compatible input file.

Posted by Scott Dylewski 2004-03-01

DVD Slideshow 0.5.2 released

With this release, I've added a low-quality mode (-L) for testing, subtitles look much better now, and subtitles get word-wrapped into two lines if they are too long.

In dvd-menu, I added options for controlling the continuity of play, an option to not run dvdauthor, and other small changes. Also added man page.

A simple install.sh script to install man pages along with dvd-slideshow and dvd-menu is now included.

Posted by Scott Dylewski 2004-01-30

Downloads fixed

I was having problems with the file release system, but now all the file downloads are working.

Posted by Scott Dylewski 2004-01-30

DVD Slideshow 0.5.0 released

DVD Slideshow is a group of tools to create mpeg slideshows with audio from a list of pictures that you can then burn to DVD. This initial SourceForge release adds support for cropping and Ken Burns effect, as well as complete audio control.

Hopefully, DVD Slideshow will become a command-line version of programs like iMovie, and with this release, we're getting closer to that goal. The DVD menuing system works, but needs more work to make it truly versatile. ... read more

Posted by Scott Dylewski 2004-01-23