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Sorry, I submitted before explaining what the problem is:
It says that it is
"tuning DVB-T (in United Kingdom) to 794000000 Hz"

I believe it should be:
tuning DVB-T receiver to 794000000 Hz

because neither DVB-T nor frequencies are specific to the
UK. There have been different channel arrangements for
analog TV in the past, but now (after ITU RRC06) even the
channeling for DVB-T has been harmonized, therefore would
not be a reason to refer to any country even in case there
would be a possibilty to enter a channel number instead of a

I do not have a problem reading a country name, but started
searching for an error in my configuration until I checked
the source code and discovered that this is just a text and
has nothing to to with my settings.

For some reason my userid got lost, you can contact me at

Thank you