#59 many segfaults, hangs

A Mennucc

hi, I was trying latest trunk (SVN 700) but I got some segfaults ; using cores and GDB, I obtained these 'bt full' in attachment. Hope you can make something of those. a.


  • A Mennucc

    A Mennucc - 2010-01-25
  • A Mennucc

    A Mennucc - 2010-01-25
  • Adam Charrett

    Adam Charrett - 2010-01-26

    I think I may know what has happened here, during the development of the 2.0 version I have changed the plugin interface slightly. This means that plugins build before this change will still get loaded but won't work correctly/crash the instance of dvbstreamer. This should be a problem when 2.0 is released as the plugin interface will be frozen and it also doesn't affect 1.x plugins as they are detected and not loaded by 2.x.

    Try removing the plugins directory recompile/reinstall and see if you get the same problems. I'm not planning any further changes so hopefully this won't be a problem again :-)

  • A Mennucc

    A Mennucc - 2010-01-26

    Short story: I cant use 'dvbstreamer' anymore.

    Brief history. I use Debian/squeeze/testing , and Freevo. The mess started after an upgrade some days ago, (in which many core libraries where updated, and also I switched to kernel 2.6.32 - but this may or may not be the fault) : since then, dvbstreamer would record some MBytes of a program, then stop.

    I have a good channel.conf, and I can use MPlayer to see that my DVB card is working fine, and MEncoder to dump streams to HD.

    So I thought that some new libraries may be incompatible with my old build, so I decided to update dvbstreamer.

    Important point : I compile the source SVN code, then I install it using (as root)
    'checkinstall --pkgname dvbstreamer make install'
    checkinstall is a wonderful tool that then builds a Debian package out of 'make install'ed stuff, so that I can remove all of it using 'dpkg -r dvbstreamer' and have my clean environment back .

    So I 'cd svn/trunk' , did a 'make distclean' , './configure CFLAGS='-g'' , 'make'.
    Then I 'dpkg -r dvbstreamer' , used 'find / -name dvb\*' to look for anything (nothing found) , and 'checkinstalled ' the SVN 703. I eventually moved away the .dvbstreamer directory and regenerated using setupdvbstreamer .

    I still get a lot of problems. When running 'dvbstreamer' plain with no options,
    1) dvbstreamer does not quit at the quit command, it hangs there
    2) often the 'select ' command does nothing , 'current' reports 'nothing selected'
    3) often it hangs at commands
    4) often if segfaults , and unfortunately the tracebacks are not very readable . I will try to send you some more tracebacks , time permitting.

    May you tell me the versions of libc , libev , libreadline, libsqlite (and any other dependency), that you use ?


  • A Mennucc

    A Mennucc - 2010-01-26
    • summary: some segfaults --> many segfaults, hangs
  • Adam Charrett

    Adam Charrett - 2010-01-26

    I ran into similar problems when I forgot to clean out an install directory when I was testing something. Odd crash, complaints about code that should be executing etc all turned out to be plugins that I hadn't cleaned out. The sectionfilter and traffic plugins have been removed for the moment so if these exist then they are the culprits. Try starting dvbstreamer and doing an lsplugins to see what has been loaded.

    Try rm -rf the /usr/lib/dvbstreamer (or what ever prefix you used) as this sounds like the exact same problem I ran into.

    libev3: 1:3.6-1
    libsqlite3 3.6.16 (ubuntu)
    libyaml 0.1.2-1

  • A Mennucc

    A Mennucc - 2010-01-26

    On this side of the world it is

    libsqlite3-0 3.6.21-2
    libyaml-0-2 0.1.3-1
    libev3 1:3.8-1

    I read the changelog of libev3, and there are some non-backward-compatible changes. Let me do some other tests.

  • Adam Charrett

    Adam Charrett - 2010-01-27

    I've just found a bug in the objects system which was running out of memory but not logging any errors, now fixed. I wonder whether you where running this problem?

  • A Mennucc

    A Mennucc - 2010-01-29

    hi, I checked that my hardisk is clean of any leftover; I compiled SVN 704

    lsplugins lists

    I am running it using gdb, and as first thing I can tell you that it does not quit, it stops forever at DispatchersStop () at dispatchers.c:82 , doing a pthread_join(InputDispatcherThread, NULL); do you observe the same problem?


  • Adam Charrett

    Adam Charrett - 2010-02-01

    Ok good nothing left over. Given that you are trying to exit does this mean that it hasn't been crashing when running? Or did you just start it then stop it?

    I haven't seen this issue, I'll take a look and see why this might be, could you break into the process and send me a backtrace for the 4(?) threads that should be running.

    Can I just check what type of hardware you are using PCI/USB, DVB-T/C/S?



  • A Mennucc

    A Mennucc - 2010-02-01

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