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DVA-Profession / News: Recent posts

Upcoming 1.0.1 release!

I'm not really sure if it wouldn't justify to be called "v1.1", as there some new features have sneaked into this release, instead of just bugfixes... ;)

The basic structure was untouched, and has proven to be stable in about one year of production use of v1.0.

Here's a list of what's to be expected from this new release:
- Fixed wrong duration for videos <1 second.
- Fixed problem with MPEGs being shorter than the original.
- Fixed embedding of AVI metadata.
- Added support for many many new physical carriers: S-VHS, MII, born-digital, ...
- Added abillity to pause/resume task triggers in the web interface
- Added support for aspect-ratio handling
- Improved non-PAL support
- Added and improved A/V metadata: displays hires and lowres now.
- And other, minor changes.... read more

Posted by Peter B. 2012-08-07

Upcoming v1.0 release

We're proud to announce the upcoming release of 'DVA Profession - version 1.0'!

There's still some documentation to finish, and some minor things to polish before we'll release 'DVA Profession' into the wild. The planned release date is September 2011.

Stay tuned...

Posted by Peter B. 2011-07-12