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Interlinux's brand new website goes live...

Where DSI - Space Invaders clone written in C, a pristine code base released on SourceForge and part of the DIASER support product suite and code packaging regression testing.


Posted by Damian Brasher 2010-09-02

OSS devel ebook, Chpts 1-2 free for review

Small scale OSS collaborative development designed to assist, save time and money for and enlighten interested readers. 70 pages for £3.49 (approx. €4.00 EU / $5.50 USD), filled with things I have learned, ideas and tools I have used for DIASER® development over the past few years.


Free chapters for review http://bit.ly/d4kWxc

Posted by Damian Brasher 2010-03-27

Ubuntu 64bit fix recieved

I have revived a fix for 64bit Ubunut and will apply and release as soon as I have a moment, probably the weekend.

See bug tracker, anon posts okay


See also about DSI



Posted by Damian Brasher 2010-03-18