#1 Any advice on how to run under Windows?


I know this isn't where you are necessarily going, but
I need to make sure we are not doing anything wrong.

Starting to port tools like this to Windows, Mac, OS X
(Cocoa), and Solaris, starting with Windows, for my
development team.

My project is hsqldb. I can't seem to get the darned
thing to start under Win32.

BTW, this is a wonderful tool (under Linux/BSD),
excepting that I can't get it to run under anything
but that.

Gonna try under Cygwin and a different classpath
(should have worked, though, since I moved (copied)
the serc files and launched in the same directory as

I am uploading the last try at the .bat file.


  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Last attempt at druid.bat

  • Andrea Carboni

    Andrea Carboni - 2001-04-24

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    The script cannot work because it is a mix between windows
    and linux.

    The final 2.0 release (available next week) will contain a
    script to run druid under windows. Until then, try this:
    (this is the windows script):

    set THREADS_FLAG=native

    java -classpath druid.jar druid.Druid

    Note that you MUST be in the druid's root directory before
    issuing these commands.

    I have tested druid with jre v1.3 downloaded from sun and
    the program worked fine (it is even faster than under

    The beta version contains two serious bugs that can make the
    druid's file unreadable. So, for a heavy usage wait for the
    final release.

  • Andrea Carboni

    Andrea Carboni - 2001-04-24
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  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Excellent!!! the script worked, and now i have a batch
    file...I'll post it to the other folks that are having the

    Thanks again, Andrea! Looking forward to the release next


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