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Dr. Scenario 1.0beta3 released

First public release for Dr. Scenario, the scenario-based, budget-backed, time-pressured health simulator for teens! We've included a default scenario pack focusing on general health topics.

Your feedback is important to us as we approach our 1.0 release. 1.0 is aimed to be a prototype of our technology, but we still would like to provide the community with as functional and bug-free software as possible. From there we can start focusing on new features for Dr. Scenario, including better integrated graphics and an online, user-contributed scenario repository.... read more

Posted by David Young 2007-05-10

SourceForge subversion access change

Dr. Scenario has not made an official release yet, but its source code is available in the Subversion repository. Last November, SourceForge made a change in the Subversion access method that makes the repository more reliably accessible. If you started using the repository before November 31, 2006, please see this article on how to update your working copy: https://www.sourceforge.net/docs/E09#notice . This will keep your copy more up-to-date with the latest from Dr. Scenario!

Posted by David Young 2007-01-05

Pictures and scenario submissions for Dr. Scenario

Dr. Scenario teaches health to youth through a series of scenarios. I've added new tasks asking for submissions of new pictures and scenarios. Currently we have about half the scenarios necessary for a v.1.0 release. Almost all of the pictures will need to be replaced with open-source friendly content (e.g. Creative Commons Attribution and Attribution-ShareAlike). Please consider finding appropriate images or submitting new scenarios to help teach teens how to face health-related dilemmas.

Posted by David Young 2006-08-08

Subversion access to Dr. Scenario

Dr. Scenario has just been uploaded onto Subversion at SourceForge. The files constitute our first release of Dr. Scenario code and represent a snapshot of our pending v.1.0 release. You can find the repository here:


Tasks for v.1.0 focus on completing the code documentation and identifying appropriate open-source (Creative Commons) music to bundle with the game. Version 2.0 is scheduled to add a preferences dialog, streamline the user interface, and incorporate open-source images. In the meantime, enjoy our Subversion snapshots!... read more

Posted by David Young 2006-07-07