#49 Grep in source directory


When developing from a command line interface in Linux
I frequently use the grep command. A similar facility
is useful in MSVC. Unlike the existing Find which is
useful for stepping through a source file, the grep
shows a list of information. For example, in my first
project I did a grep on 'exit' and found that I had
somtimes used sys.exit and sometimes os.exit.

The results of the grep should be displayed in a tab
like the Prompt. Clicking on a file and line number
should change to that position in the edit window.
Because some of the width is taken up by the source
browser I suggest that the source file and line number
be given on one line and the source code on the
following line.


  • Franz Steinhaeusler

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    There are two plugins:
    The "Find all" shows all occurences in the current open
    source file.
    The "SearchInFiles" looks through one ore more directories
    with the possibility of a "preview".
    I made a Screenshot at:
    if you press detail, all found strings are marked in red colour.
    Of course, this plugin could be improved or writing a new one
    for showing the search dialog and the results in a panel,
    with a list of all occurances.
    See the section:

  • Franz Steinhaeusler

    • status: open --> closed

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