#34 Make indentation guides less obstrusive


The indentation guides look too obtrusive in my
opinion, they are too much disctracting from the code
if you have several levels of indentation. I liked how
they look in SciTe, much less obstrusive. If you don't
think of them, you don't notice them, but when you need
them, they are there. That's exactly how it should be.


  • Christoph Zwerschke

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    (I am speaking about DrPython and SciTe on WinXP; maybe it's
    different on other platforms?).

  • Daniel Pozmanter

    • status: open --> closed
  • Daniel Pozmanter

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    Browsing the stc docs, it looks like that is just the way
    indentation guides look in wxPython. If you can find a way
    to make them look nicer, I'd be more than happy to add it in.

  • Christoph Zwerschke

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    Good news. I have found a way to set the color of the dots
    of the indentation guides. The default is black, while SciTe
    uses a grey value of #c0c0c0 which is much less obstrusive.

    You can change this in DrPython by inserting the following line


    in the module drText.py

    right after the line


    Of course, you have to find the proper place for this line
    in the code. Probably you should make it also configurable
    along with the other settings under

    Preferences -> Document -> Edit Text Styles

    However, wx.LIGHT_GREY should be the default color. It is
    really much nicer. The guides are there, but they aren't
    irritating any more.

    (BTW, the default background and foreground color for
    comments should be also much lighter. With the default
    settings, comments look more prominent than the code itself.
    But it should be the other way round, the code should stick
    out most prominently, and the comments should be somewhat
    "greyed out".)

  • Christoph Zwerschke

    • status: closed --> open
  • Daniel Pozmanter

    • status: open --> closed
  • Daniel Pozmanter

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    Many thanks, this will be in the next release.


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