Keyboard Macros

  • Franz Steinhaeusler


    I released the first (beta) version of keyboard macros.

    bug report are welcomed.
    please be careful, it's a beta version
    It should be loaded as one of the first plugins.
    (like the Encoding plugins)
    Thanks to Dan, who explained me, how
    to approach this plugin.

    • Daniel Pozmanter

      Date: 2004-12-19 16:20
      Sender: ek13
      Logged In: YES

      Thanks for your quick answer and the advice to run
      drpython 3.7.7 from 3.3.4. It's an good idea for everyone
      having problems after upgrading drpython.

      When doing this I get:

      Traceback (most recent call last):
        File "C:\drpy\drpython-3.7.7\", line 2682, in
          self.OpenFile(filename, False)
        File "C:/Dokumente und Einstellungen/Computer-
      Verwalter/drpython/plugins\", line 253,
      in OpenMacroFile
          if utf8Detect(oof):
      NameError: global name 'utf8Detect' is not defined

      I have to admit, that I installed both KeyBoardMacro and
      3.7.7. So not 3.7.7 is the problem, but KeyBoardMacro.

      Deinstalling KeyBoardMacro helped to fix my problem.


      Seems there is a small bug in KeyBoardMacros (unless this is an older version, in which case please disregard).

    • Franz Steinhaeusler


      oops, it seems, I have to update Keyboard macros
      according to the last changes in init, Open File
      and Onnew.

      The difficulty is, every new DrPython version, I have
      to take care, if something in the three section mentioned above, has changed.

      from drUTF8 import utf8Detect, SetEncodedText, GetEncodedText

      was missing.

      I will upload Keyboard Macros 0.0.6 in a moment.


    • Daniel Pozmanter

      Yes, that can be bothersome, but depending on how deeply a plugin uses the internal code of drpython, it seems unavoidable.

      What I should probably do is make an abstraction layer, so that plugin designers can run drpython functions entirely through a standard api, which does not change.

      I have a few functions like that, but nothing for encoding.

      However the name of the encoding file, and the functions therein, are highly unlikely to change again.

    • Franz Steinhaeusler

      >However the name of the encoding file, and the >functions therein, are highly unlikely to change again.

      I agree,

      anyway not so tragical.

      The problem I think, is:

      Suppose one have two plugins, who wants to overwrite the same functions (here OnNew and OnOpen). Now, only one plugin can use this method
      of reassigning OnNew - OpenFile.


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