Sessions plugin fails on farray not defined

  • JooohnPeg

    JooohnPeg - 2005-06-30

    I tried the Sessions filter a couple of hours ago and it only worked partially.

    On save it stopped saying "farray not defined" and didn't write the folding data for the open files.

    On open it said "error in folding data", but it would get everything else right.

    Modify the source as follows...
    Add "farray = []" just after line 522,
    and "farray.append(document.filename)"  in the body of the if around line 556.

    It appears that the plugin is being refactored to loop over DrFrame.txtDocumentArray rather than an array of filenames. The above is just a quick fix.

    • Franz Steinhaeusler

      Thank you,

      after a new release, there may/could it be, that
      some plugins are not compatible anymore.

      And at this time, I think, i would be reasonable to test/update all the plugins.
      You can also use my modified version SessionsLight:

      which I run (without problems so far)


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