Codecompetion ok, no calltips

  • Mervin Beng

    Mervin Beng - 2009-01-02

    Thanks for the nice software. I've been trying out drpython with the codecompletion plugin (xubuntu and XP).

    On both systems, I get codecompletion on hitting '.', but I do not get any calltips when hitting the '('. I must be missing something in the usage or installation process. Any help will be appreciated.

    • Franz Steinhaeusler

      I remember vaguely, there were problems with that.
      What kind of keyboard do you have?

      Options => Configure Plugins => edit plugin source => code completion

      around line 379:
          DrFrame.AddKeyEvent(OnCallTip, ord('8'), Shift=1)
          DrFrame.AddKeyEvent(OnHideCallTip, ord('9'), Shift=1)

      Can you try to change that to lines for your assigned "(" und ")" keys to your keylayout?

      Does that solve the problem?

      • Mervin Beng

        Mervin Beng - 2009-01-08

        I have tried that -- '9' and '0' -- and it does not work. I use a standard US-style keyboard.

        For your info, the Shift is not recognized. If I use:

        DrFrame.AddKeyEvent(OnCallTip, ord('8'))

        then hitting '8' will activate CallTip. However adding the Shift parameter causes CallTip not to work. I'm using xubuntu 8.10, python 2.5 and wxpython 2.8.

      • Mervin Beng

        Mervin Beng - 2009-01-10


        Even though '(' is Shift-8 and ')' is Shift-9, changing the keys to '8' and '9' with Shift=1 do not work.

        The shifted and unshifted keycodes do NOT match! So what I did was to find the keycodes via the Get Key function in Customize Shortcuts ...

        The code that works for me is:

        DrFrame.AddKeyEvent(OnCallTip, 40, Shift=1)
        DrFrame.AddKeyEvent(OnHideCallTip, 41, Shift=1)

        Hope this helps others who face the problem. FYI, ord('9') is 57, ord('0') is 48.

    • Mervin Beng

      Mervin Beng - 2009-01-08

      Thanks Franz. I will check and let you know.


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