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Tentative Roadmap

  • Daniel Pozmanter

    I've been thinking about things, and here is my tentative roadmap:

    Release 3.10.13:  Fix outstanding bugs.

    I will begin development of 4.0.0,
    writing new features as plugins, and integrating them once the toronto code is finished.
    Here is what's planned:

    1.  Revamped Find and Replace.  I plan on switching to a firefox style find and replace (just having it appear in a toolbar either on the top or bottom of the dialog).  Replace (with prompt on replace) is currently a problem, as you always have the prompt dialog covering some text!  Also, there will be an overall goal of making find and replace extremely easy to use via the keyboard.

    2.  Integrate autocompletion.

    3.  Outstanding feature requests.

    That's it.  The find replace thing is the only bit I REALLY want to change.  The toronto bit will provide pydoc support, beginner/advanced mode, a fullscale debugger, and other shiny things.

    The rest would be the features people have been posting.  I think some would be best as plugins,
    however many of them (especially the behaviour tweaks) can and should go into the core.
    The filesystem browser would be extremely useful.
    Especially if you could easily set it to the directory of the current file, or that of any open file, or to a bookmark.

    There will be more details later, as this is stil tentative.  I do know that now that I use drpy professionally, keyboard navigation is a MUST (and a long time interest of Franz), and will be a goal throughout the development of 4.x.

    The bugfix release will be first, as there are currently a host of nasty issues when using drpy with spaces instead of tabs, and I want to squash those firmly.

    • DavyMitchell

      DavyMitchell - 2005-03-19

      Sounds good Daniel!

      One thought on the find feature...

      The best find and replace I have seen is in MZTools for VB6. It searches in the current file or function or group of files and presents the result in a tree view as a siderbar. It is so much nicer to work from a list than jumping around with Find Next. If you want more of a description let me know!

      If no one is working on a logging plugin I will give it a go soon... Hope to get a version of the DrPython/Python distro on the web once my server is fixed (taking a while).

      Take care,
      Davy Mitchell


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