Plugins Primary Focus

  • Daniel Pozmanter

    Unless you are fixing a bug, optimizing a code, or clarifying something, the primary focus of development (new features, making stuff work in a particular way) should be the development of plugins.

    So the Project Manager, To Do List, etc, should all be plugins.


    • Tom De Muer

      Tom De Muer - 2004-07-15

      I just checked out the todo list in the CVS and saw some 'wanted' plugins under a name... are that developers assigned to those plugins?  I may develop some stuff but don't want to reinvent the wheel or redo the work of someone else.  So is someone currently working on any plugins ... or how do you people handle this :) ?


    • Daniel Pozmanter

      If a plugin has someone's name under it, it was because they said they wanted to work on that particular bit.

      So far, there has been no work submitted on ftp support,
      or a project manager, or a to do list.

      If you want to work on them, you are more than welcome to.  In particular, a full scale project manager would be rather nice.  There is a lengthy discussion
      of one someonewhere in the forum, and chris should get some brain credit on it (He posted a very clear portrait of a project manager, as I recall).

      Unless something has already been completed, it is fair game.  Of course, if two people submit the same plugin within the same time frame, I will just upload both, and let users decide which they take a liking to.
      But that is a highly unlikely situation.

      In terms of how we handle it, we are still debating.
      I am inclined to make all plugin writers developers, so they can just upload their plugins at will.

      I suppose just keep the community informed via the forums, and there should not be any weird situations.


    • Tom De Muer

      Tom De Muer - 2004-07-17

      I'll have to know drPython a bit better to be able to properly help on the ProjectManager but I'm interested to help.

      What is the "To Do List", something like leaving "[TODO]"  in comments and then listing them?


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