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Update Toronto!

  • Daniel Pozmanter

    Hey all,

       Apologies, I've been ridiculously busy at work, trying to locate a new car, etc.  This weekend, I am heading up to Toronto for a merge-a-thon.  So the toronto release should be done soon, and I will commence bugsquashing from there on.
    (I don't want to make the merge more difficult in the meantime!)

      I need to rewrite the sizing code, as wxPython has changed the way size events are handled on windows in a mildly radical way.  Plus, I see loads of bug reports, and some features to get to.

    Here's the plan:

    1.  Merge Toronto.
    2.  Release.
    3.  Bugfixin!
    4.  Code Restructuring.
    5.  Release.
    6.  Feature Requests, Super Cool New Find, New File Dialog.
    7.  All Other Feature enhancements I have planned for 4.0.

    Basically, I am putting the merge as first priority, then bugs, then code restructuring, then the new find/replace, file dialog, and feature requests, and finally anything else mentioned as a new feature for 4.0 that I planned.

    I am definitely moving to a new versioning system, at least for the moment.  I plan on switching to dates until I arrive at something stable/featureful enough to call 4.0.
    Then I may or may not stay with dates, conventional versioning, or something new.  (Its not like I've suddenly become decisive or anything ;) ).


    • RunLevelZero

      RunLevelZero - 2005-05-26

      Good to hear from you.  I can't wait to get my greedy little hands on 4.0.  I have been waiting to upgrade to the latest stable wxpython until you give the go ahead that all is basically stable.  The plan above sounds great.  Give us the new features to play with.  Squash the bugs and then give us some more new features... your awesome. :) Thanks again for all the hard work and dedication.

    • Daniel Pozmanter

      The merge is complete, there are still a few issues (debugger related, and image related).  A release should pop out sometime in the next week.

      • Franz Steinhaeusler

        Hi Dan,

        I'm looking forward for this release.

        Is it allowed to be hard tested with the current wxPy 2.6 Version and report all possible issues? :)

        PS: I've been also very busy in the last weeks, so
        this "pause" was exactly timed.


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