Simple Backup saving change

  • Glen Mailer

    Glen Mailer - 2005-05-13

    Hi, i was wondering if you'd be able to make backup files into a manual as well as an automatic option - having automatic backup is handy - but it only goes back one save, and i often save lots between changes only to want to revert to what i had a few saves ago.

    The Backup action that takes place in the SaveFile method could be moved into another method, and then a menu item and an event handler be added that call this directly.

    I've hacked these changes into my own verion rather roughly - but it would be nice to have then out of the box as it's not a hugley difficult thing to implement.

    • Franz Steinhaeusler

      Can you post this to "feature request" or "patches" tracker,
      if you have a nifty solution for that?

    • Daniel Pozmanter

      This is definitely a must have feature.

      Automatic backups are pretty much useless in my opinion, and I regularly backup to a different file.  (Of course, the joys of svn mitigate this to a great degree).


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