• Daniel Pozmanter

    I'll probably get around to releasing tomorrow,
    but I squashed a minor open bug.  I am also finally adding that bit the file dialog that has been in the works for, like, forever:

    You will be able to add or file bookmarks from the file dialog.

    I am going to try to fix the critical plugins for tomorrow too, and update the versions in the default list.

    • Franz Steinhaeusler

      I will test, verfify and update "my" plugins:

      abbreviations, doclist, IncrementalSearch (some small changes).

      CopyCutpasteextend, Qmarker, posmarker, listshortcuts, seem to be ok.

    • Franz Steinhaeusler

      Hi Dan,

      "Puh" is my first comment :) so much changes
        so i moved all things in appdata; most things, I repaired with scite.
      I like the now notebook tabs icons.

      Several times a docusetab is used directly (instead of docusetab [<self>.filetype],
      but i suspect, you have seen this already, too.

      I have posted following things already, but maybe it got lost: 

      1)  if there is no default.idx, drpython will not start, because of an uncatched exception.

        UnboundLocalError: local variable 'pluginstoload' referenced before assignment
        drPluginMenu => function   def setupMenu(self):
        the whole function after try: belongs to the try block, and the except at the end of the function,
        should solve the problem.

      2) Small thing: View=> Goto... is GotoLine and Goto opens the "under menu".
      The Menu identifier should be exchanged.

      3) The last statement in DrPluginDialog OnbtnAdd in the except branch should also be:  self.SetNotInIndex()
      (it is now only in onbtnremove)

      4) is it possbile to use here two different styles (txtDocumentStyleArray) for STRING and STRINGEOL?:
            stc.StyleSetSpec(wx.stc.STC_P_STRING, frame.prefs.txtDocumentStyleArray[11])
            stc.StyleSetSpec(wx.stc.STC_P_STRINGEOL, frame.prefs.txtDocumentStyleArray[<newindex>])

      5) There is a problem with function, which ends with ' >', as in "Insert" => 'Bookmarks >'
      They are not recognized correctly for shortcuts settings (because of storing in preferences file,
      also '>' is used as tag.

      Other things:

      Traceback (most recent call last):
        File "C:\temp\drpython-3.9.1\drPrefsDialog.py", line 830, in OnbtnPBrowse
      AttributeError: 'PluginsPanel' object has no attribute 'Pluginstxtdefaultdirecto
      (I tried to adjust the plugin directory)

      2) self.SetProperty("tab.timmy.whinge.level", "0")
         (if not (self.grandparent.prefs.docfolding[self.filetype]):

      is this useful, (i would set it always to '1')

    • Franz Steinhaeusler

      2) Small thing: View=> Goto... is GotoLine and Goto opens the "under menu".
      The Menu identifier should be exchanged.

      Sorry, I think, you are right and I'm wrong.

      I thought falesly, the ... indicates a submenu.
      But it is meant obviously, that some user
      action must take place to carry out the action.

    • Franz Steinhaeusler

      One more question.

      Can I edit (only my) messages, when i feel later,
      that I have written something falsely or hand over
      head? ;)

    • Daniel Pozmanter

      In regards to editing, yes, you can.
      '...' is supposed to indicate a dialog (some feature request from ages ago).

      On #5, I have not seen this in the core, but I will look
      and see if I can replicate it.  If it is in a specific plugin, I will have to change that.

      Allright:  I am pretty sure I can get 1, 3, and 4 into the next release.

      And I will look into the "timmy" issue as well.

    • Franz Steinhaeusler

      Hi Dan,

      1) default.idx not exist => error
      drpluginmenu => setupmenu:
          if os.path.exists(pluginsfile):

      2) ?? NOt sure, but suspect (in drSourceBrowser.py):
            if self.parent.prefs.docusetabs:
            replaced by:
            if self.parent.prefs.docusetabs[self.parent.txtDocument.filetype]:
      3) the preferences dir works, but only with:
        line 96: drpython.py arguserpreferencesdirectory = a[22:] instead of '27' :)

      4) singlechoicedialog good idea: but focus needs to be in the listbox,
      if the focus is in the textfield, no input keystrokes are accepted.

      5) timmy always to '1' or make it an option (also when not (self.grandparent.prefs.docfolding[self.filetype]):?
        I find this very useful to show me false indenation


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