DrPython app for OSX 10.5

  • Joseph Hocking

    Joseph Hocking - 2009-04-10

    Hi, I really like DrPython and have actually "downgraded" from a more complex IDE because I prefer the stripped-down streamlined functionality.

    Anyway, I am on OSX 10.5 and I wanted to make it easy to launch DrPython so I used py2app to bundle it into a Mac app. I would imagine having an app to double-click or put on the Dock would be a useful things for other users too, but I don't really know how to work with SourceForge.  If someone else could email me at jhocking@newarteest.com I'll send you the file to post on the downloads here.

    -Joe Hocking

    • Franz Steinhaeusler

      thank you for your post. On Mac, I have no experience. It would be great, if someone would try to support that platform. The second point is: I'm not sure, if that works. Not for the core itself. But there are much (possible) plugins and scripts; and the question ist, if they work with py2exe or py2app. Anyway: If you are interested, I ask you, if you would like to contribute to DrPython in that way (and also improve the code). If yes, I could add you as developer and give you svn access. best regards,



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