Encoding Fun

  • Daniel Pozmanter


    After dealing with the multiple writing bug (I was wondering why drpython suddenly re-launched after closing), I've found a way to segfault drpython.

    I will try to fix this next, then move on to the outstanding usability bugs.

    This problem (in the prompt), and another (saving files)
    I would like to just put out there as a question.
    I may find a way myself, but asking would be wise:

    1.  If you enter the wrong encoding in the prompt, instant segfault.  ANy ideas on how to prevent this?

    2.  If you save a file with the wrong encoding, the encoding is detected during the actual write process.
    Aside from storing the file's old text first, is there any way to generate an encoding error before writing to a file that would allow you to safely exit the function first?

    In fact, this may be the solution to both:

    Is there a fast/safe way to test whether or not
    there is an encoding error?

    • Daniel Pozmanter

      Well, I figured it out (and managed to clean up the code quite a bit as well).  The prompt is now encoding safe, and saving a file now works safely as well.

      This will be in the next version.


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