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  • DonVla

    DonVla - 2006-12-23


    i´m running ubuntu6.10 with python2.4. when i have many opened files (3 or 4) and i want to save them, drpython doesn´t react. i can write and edit them, but i cannot save them. this is annoying.
    what is wrong?

    thanks in advance,


    • Franz Steinhaeusler

      Hello donvla

      What drpython version and wxPython Version are you using?
      (also unicode or ansi)?

      I updated to drpython 163 with (I hope) better encoding procedure.

      Do you get a traceback, if you start from console?

      best regards and merry christmas,

    • DonVla

      DonVla - 2006-12-28

      hello francescoa,

      i´m using drpython161-3 (ubuntu version) and python-wxgtk2.6 version (also ubuntu edgy default version) with utf-8 encoding.
      next time i extendly use drpython, i´ll post the console-traceback - sorry, not much time now for that.

      thank you

    • Franz Steinhaeusler

      Hello vlad,

      no problem!

      I updated DrPython but packed it only into a zip file.
      Maybe somewhere could package it to use on Linux (I am not
      familar with this, if anybody could do that, ...)


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