Can't get DrPython to run on WinXP...

Tim Samoff
  • Tim Samoff

    Tim Samoff - 2007-10-29

    Hi, all...

    This is a weird one that I just can't seem to figure out:

    I had Python/wxPython/DrPython working just fine on my computer. Then, due to some changes at work, I had to change my profile instance (and copy all of my old profile files to the new profile). Afterwards, DrPython wouldn't run. Python/wxPython was still ok, but when I tried to run DrPython, nothing happened (not even the flash of a Command Prompt).

    So, I thought I'd uninstall/reinstall everything under the new profile. When I did, it resulted in the same outcome: everything worked except for DrPython.

    Could someone tell me if I'm missing something? I have Python 2.5.1, wxPython 2.8, and DrPython 1.65.


    • a_barbosa

      a_barbosa - 2007-10-29

      Hi Tim,

      Which platform?

      Supposing on Windows:
      You should have a folder:
      C:\Documents and Settings\[user]\Application Data\drpython
      Can you remove it?

      If instead of running DrPython.pyw, if you run, don't you get something on the console window?



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