3.7.3, Donations, Plugins

  • Daniel Pozmanter

    Set Indentation removes superfluous spaces, shortcuts work in split view for the current document.  autoindent bug fixed, default directory bug fixed.

    I got two donations, one from James to North Star,
    and one from an anonymous source to myself.
    Huge Thanks!

    I fixed the doc bookmarks bit, but I've added a new plugin I find rather useful:
    InsertMenu.  It lets you insert the current filename or path, (or that for any other open document), or a bookmark, or the current working directory, into the current document.

    • Daniel Pozmanter

      Well, I've noticed a wierd error.
      Somehow, non ascii characters keep sneaking their way
      into the plugin list.  I plan on writing a filter, and using it everytime the list is read, so this no longer has any effect.  I will release 3.7.4 soon, as this keeps new users from downloading plugins correctly (or old users if the web version gets corrupted as well).


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