DrPython 165

  • Franz Steinhaeusler

    Hello Dear DrPython user(s),

    There was long a quiteness here, but nevertheless, we (our current team) worked for some months already on the further development
    on DrPyhton since DrPython 162.

    It would be very interested:
    Who and how many people use it.
    What do you miss?
    What do you like?
    What could be improved?

    For users who abandoned DrPython, it would be most interesting,
    what reason caused this.

    If you find a bug or have a improvement, please don't hesitate to know


    • Stephen Anderson

      I prefer to use DrPython's simpler UI over others (like Eric4, SPE, and Eclipse+PyDev) but there are two factors that keep me turning to these other alternatives instead:

      1) Lack of integrated debugger.  With a short program, run, debug cycle style of programming, I really need this.

      2) Feels like a dead project.  DrP development is either like a bear (hibernating periodically) or like a submarine (running deep and silent).  It's discouraging not to see any life in the project for a quarter of the year.

      Just my $0.02

    • Franz Steinhaeusler

      Hello Stephen,

      1) a debugger would be a big project. There are several debuggers as the one integrated in boa or winpdb.

      2) As I can only speak as of a "substitute" project admin. I'm sorry, yes you are right, DrPython seems to be a dead project. In the last month, no bug report, feature request,... came in. You are the first one for a long time. I'd be happy someone could took over the command. I for myself stumbled over that project, I think four years ago, and I was fascinated. I (and of course Antonio) only corrected some bugs and inserted some of my personal feature requests and some others. I for myself also do not have much time. If really a couple of people do have a strong wish to continue that project, I think, its best to contact the  real creator of that project: Dan.
      You yourself: Did you already have some experiences in Python, wxPyhton and/or played with DrPythons code and have some ideas for that project?

      I'm sorry for not being able to give you a more positive answer.

    • Mariano Reingart


      I like DrPython simplicity too, it would be a pity if this project deads.

      My interest (as a former VisualBasic programmer, maybe many will find them useful too):

      1. Debugger (similar to PythonWin one)
      2. GUI Designer: maybe PythonCard form designer
      3. SVN integration
      4. Packager/Installer integration: py2exe or similar
      5. VB import utility integration: vb2py, to easily port old vb to python.

      Most of things I have to do anyway, just to finish my thesis and to use them on my daily personal work, so it would be great if I can use DrPython and don't have to start from scratch.

      I have experience with python, wx and drpython, and I think this enhancements are not too complex.
      If you can tell me where is the older simple-debugger plugin (or check it in the repository), I could use it as starting point.

      Best Regards,

      PD: peaks of 40 downloads per hour for a dead project? I don't think so...

    • Franz Steinhaeusler

      Hello Mariano,

      Your interestes are beyond the Drpython's scope.
      I would try to use programs, which are designed for those tasks.
      1. Debugger: winpdb
      2. GUI: XRC oder wxGlade
      3. Do you know workbench?
      for 4. and 5. I don't know.

      SVN: workbench is programmed itself in wxPython, so a plugin with a few functions of it should not be that big problem to program yourself, even if you are that experienced.

      Stanis Spe use that approach of integrating for example wxGlade and winpdb in his program.
      I found an old version of simple debugger. I'll attach it. But it is very old and as the name says simple, and for sure not working anymore. I would look at winpdb.
      I copied it on:


      • Mariano Reingart


        What is the scope of drPython?
        drScheme, has a debugger...

        Maybe I'd expressed incorrectly, I don't want to use things like workbench, I want just a plugin with a couple of menu options (say svn add when a file is created, svn diff to see differences against repository), just to make things easier.

        That applies to the other options like pdb, pythoncard, py2exe, just to forget command line, external programs, etc.

        I'll update the debbuger and make the rest of the plugins I'm proposing (at least an initial version), so you can see what I mean.


        • Franz Steinhaeusler

          thank you for clarification. I'll looking forward to it.

          BTW: Would you like to become a project member? Now or maybe later?

          Maybe you can contact the project admin, Dan?

          • Mariano Reingart

            First, yes, I would like to become a project member, now or later, when you think it's convenient. As I said in previous posts, I'm very confortable with drPython, and I can help to support it. 
            Second, I don't know how to contact Dan, should be done via email?

    • Franz Steinhaeusler

      I for a longer time haven't heard from him. I always contact him by this email adress: drpython@users.sourceforge.net. I can add you as developer and do it herewith. In svn stuff, you are (a little) comfortable with, I assume. ;) Please check your permissions and let me know, if it is all working for you.

      Yes, I'm looking forward to it.


      • Mariano Reingart

        Browsing svn repository, I saw there aren't trunk/tag/branches directories.
        They may be useful to test experimental code and bug fixes / releases.

        • Franz Steinhaeusler

          Yes, of course you are right; the svn is a mess, I myself copied simply the files into it. Please feel free (if you want) to create an "orderly" svn with trunk, branches, ... directories.

          • Mariano Reingart

            What is the latest release in the svn repository (I guess it is version 165...)

            • Franz Steinhaeusler

              Yes, it is 165.

    • Franz Steinhaeusler

      Addition: Mariano, if you are interested and would like to do that, you could also review the bugs and feature requests. Are you german speaker? I assume that because of your surname. ;)

      • Mariano Reingart

        My grand-grand father was from ukrania (former urss), I live in Argentina, South America (spanish is the official language), I don't know even a single german word :(

        I think most bugs are wx/gtk related. I use wxmsw / wxgtk, in windows it runs just fine, but in linux with some versions of gtk/wx, specially wx26, most bugs appears (sometimes they apperar even outside drpython, say, spe has the same drag-n-drop bug...).
        I'll see this weekend if I can fix/attenuate them, at least 1815815 and 1732007, they are annoying as we often lost some unsaved lines.

        Feature request are all closed?¿

        • Franz Steinhaeusler

          Ah, all clear;). I'm from Austria.

          Yes, the gtk stuff.
          Feature requests, I closed some months ago, some were very old.
          If a bug is really wxpython related, and there is no workaround, best will be to report them on the mailing list. I could do that, if you want.
          But I would say, using the last version of wxPython would be convenient. Maybe some bugs are fixed, and a report is always best on the latest release.

    • Mariano Reingart

      Svn now is reordered, i've created trunk, tags and branches directories.

      Tag 165, a bugfix, debugger are commited.

      The only thing I cannot do is close the bug (anyway, maybe someone should test the fix before the bug is closed...)

      Debugger is working, but some enhancements are needed (see todo.txt)

    • Franz Steinhaeusler

      Cool, I checked in a couple of changes, which lay for some months on my pc. Now it should be all in there. Thanks for the bugfix. I have not so much time, but I be glad you checked in at once your debugger. I have tried your fix and think, it is ok, so I closed it.

      • Mariano Reingart

        It is working fine.
        Anyway, I think debugger is in alpha stage, some enhancements and more testing is needed.

        BTW, do you know why it is implemented as a separate process, comunicated by a tcp socket?
        Maybe it is a wx related "bug/feature", but things would be easier calling the debuger from the same process (idle does it that way)


        • Franz Steinhaeusler


          No sorry, I do not have any hunch about the debugger. This and a lot of other things are done by Dan alone.


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