Byron - 2006-08-01


For many Mac users, we are used to looking for the "App" file, in order to start an application.  Unfortunately, DrPython does not come with one, so here's some quick steps on how to create it.

1) Download DrPython (to the desktop)
2) In the DrPython folder, find the file.
3) Control-click on the file.
4) In the menu, select "Open With" and then "BuildApplet."

At this point, we have a new App file -- but it's not ready to run DrPython yet.  Complete these steps to place a copy of DrPython inside of the new App file that we created.

1) Select and copy all of the files in the DrPython folder -- with the exception of the "" file that we just created.

Now, we need to place these files inside of the "" file that we created.  Here's how:

1) Control-click on the "" file and select "Show Package Contents."
2) Open the "Contents" folder.
4) Open the "Resources" folder.
5) Paste the DrPython files.
6) Close the window

Now, you can run drpython as a single, file.  You can delete the folder that you downloaded.  However, before you do, remember to copy the file to your Applications folder first, so that you don't accidentally delete it.  :-)

Hope this helps,