• Some minor gui changes in drscript, bookmarks dialogs.
    (I made them bigger, and reordered the options for adding a new bookmark).  Quite a few fixes for Open Imported Module, the most important being it now only lists modules that can be found, and properly handles from statements.  Also paste from the edit menu, and the pop up menu now also format the pasted text.  Updated documentation a bit, and a minor fix for check syntax.

    • Hi Dan,

      I got in "Open Imported Module":

            Traceback (most recent call last):
              File "C:\temp\drpython-3.7.8\drpython.py", line 2661, in OnOpenImportedModule
                d = drOpenImportedModuleDialog(self, modulelist)
              File "C:\temp\drpython-3.7.8\drOpenImportedModuleDialog.py", line 192, in __in
              File "C:\Python23\lib\site-packages\wx-2.5.3-msw-ansi\wx\_controls.py", line 1
            247, in SetSelection
                return _controls_.ListBox_SetSelection(*args, **kwargs)
            wx._core.PyAssertionError: C++ assertion "wxAssertFailure" failed in ..\..\src\m
            sw\listbox.cpp(397): invalid index in wxListBox::SetSelection

      * Check Syntax (in save file): Please only
      in py or pyw file (currentlanguage == 0).
      Otherwise I cannot save any txt, cpp files :)

      *My alphabetic sort "compulsion neuroses" :)
      Would it be possible to sort also in:
      - Custormize Shortcuts => DrScript?
      - Edit script files
      (I have already several installed and the searching
      is sometimes troublesome)

      * Edit Script file: if a script file is already loaded,
      it will be loaded a second time.
      (A check as in Open file (alreadyloaded) should solve
      this problem)

      * Load Plugin from indexes:
      Would it be possible to list only those plugins, which are not loaded yet. (more clear, and why should I load
      a plugin a second time)?

      *Edit indexes: on the left side only those plugins,
        which are not in the index list yet (that means,
        only plugins, which are not in the right list).
        This would be also more concise.

      * One thing, I saw recently in edit scriptmenu:
        I reordered a Script order several times,
        an then the drscript.dat was messed up: like.
      > C Scripts
      ->> C Scripts
      ->->> C Scripts
      ->->->> C Scripts

      Otherwise all is fine ;)



    • Before I get to the rest:

      On check syntax, this is a bit tricky.

      For example, I have many files with no extension, that are python files.

      If I want to check them on save.... well, there you go.
      So I suppose I will have to work this in as another option.

      Would it be better as:

      Only Check Syntax On Extensions: [textctrl with extensions]

      Or Check Syntax On Save for Python Files Only
      as an extra option?

    • I got the bugfix for imported modules, and for edit script.  I am working on sorting drscripts.  (I will have to give it a general tune up it looks like :)

      On the indexes, I thought it already does?  It shows indexes that have not been loaded.  At the moment, it does not check inside index files, so if you have
      a.idx, which lists plugin p.py
      and b.idx, which lists the same,
      then loading index 'a' will leave 'b' visible.

    • >For example, I have many files with no extension, that are python files.

      You mean unsaved documents?
      Or you use in linux files with no extensions as python files?

      How about: if no extension, query the syntax highlighting mode or the currentlanguage variable
      Or simply check syntax, if py or pyw is the extension
      and for all other files call Check Syntax explicitly.

      I send you two screenshots to demonstrate.

    • The screenshots are for the index problems.

      I plan on working with this for 3.8.0.

    • Yes, clipboard2.jpg (only list plugins, that are not
      in the index yet
      clipboard1: if a plugin is already loaded, it should
      not appear in the "load plugins from index" menu

    • gotcha, I'm on it for 3.8.0