highlight marketing matching brace etc.

  • Eric s. Johansson

    how difficult is it to turn on matching braces indicators within quoted strings?  this is one of the things I'm up against

            """replicate template
            [list is a
            [replicate [list <keyword>] <template>]
            The list keyword is a keyword in the reveal array and that
            entry is a list of dicts.  on each iteration the currrent
            dictionary in the list is retrieved and merged into the reveal

            [form  [id setup]
            [action edit]
            [method post]

            [radio [name backup_checked] Make backup]
            [radio [backup_checked] [value off]]
            [div [id message] [class normal]
            [span [class label]Enter all of your e-mail addr

    and I'm counting reduced accounting brackets.  :-)

    • Franz Steinhaeusler

      I fear, that is also a question for the scintilla text control. I will ask there.

    • Franz Steinhaeusler

      So asking in the list, I got an answer:
      # Braces are only matched in operator style
      to the style you want.
      Alas, I fear this disables the matching in expressions...


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