DrPython Releases 160 and 161

  • I first want to thank Greg Wilson, Tim Smit, Pat Smith, and Laurie MacDougall for their efforts, and also the resulting code.

    DrPython 160 is that release that came from merging their work over the course of a term (and beyond) with my current code.  Merging a file the size of drpython.py is no small task!  (I really need to cut that thing down).
    The images for the mode dialog are from Laurie (who has *talent*).  The debugger bug is from me (who does *not*, although he does have charming bug eyes).

    161 has some minor bugfixes, a really neat feature (Save A Copy from Stewart Midwinter), and removed the debugger for the moment due to stability concerns.


    • Hi Dan,

      in 3.10.3 there were the menu icons, now they are not
      here anymore.
      Was this intended.
      I was so used to it, that when now the menus looks empty,
      I feel not comfortable anymore :)