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  • Daniel Pozmanter

    Right, this is bascially all of the bugs from various threads, and feature requests, except the syntax/trailing spaces bit.

    Lots of bugfixes, plus I incorporated the code from CopyCutPasteExtend, where Franz formats on Paste.

    I've meant to do this for a while, as it is very annoying when pasting between demo files and my own stuff (which tends to use tabs rather than spaces).

    Also, the about dialog now shows more info.  This was a trade off, as I had to lose the html file, but I think the resulting dialog looks nice anyway.

    Finally some bugfixes in line endings, drtext, and drprompt, etc.

    I also added the newer plugins (abbreviations, incrementalsearch) to the default plugin list.

    • Franz Steinhaeusler

      Hello Dan,
      good work, some comments:

      bug in drshortcuts:
          there was stc.STCCOMMANDLIST
      The announced sorted menu for
      Plugin Preferences
      About Plugin
      and Plugin Help are not in the source?

              instead of new_lines.append(line[0:end].expandtabs(x) + line[end:]), it should be replaced with:
              new_lines.append(line[0:end].expandtabs(tabwidth) + line[end:])

      in openfile:
      you used:
      first =
      instead of winresult.start()
      (this group().start() several times)

      after 3201:
              self.txtDocument.lineendingsaremixed = 1
      I think:
        emodenum = useemode
      is missing.



    • Daniel Pozmanter

      Oh bother, is it not sorting the menus alphabetically?
      It is for me on my machine.

      I'm on the other bugs.

    • Daniel Pozmanter

      Got it.


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