remote file access via ssh

  • Eric s. Johansson

    asked this Q back in 2005 and I wonder if there has been any changes.  is there any way to access files on a remote system from within drpython?

    • Franz Steinhaeusler

      Hello Eric,

      sorry for not reacting in 2005.
      You wrote then:
      has anyone built a plug-in for accessing files via ssh on a remote system? I played with this functionality under Emacs and jedit and it's quite nice. I was just wondering if anyone has that functionality here.

      For what I know, nobody.

      If anyone is interested (or even you, Eric) I would be glad to add a plugin for that. I don't know by now, how to integrate that best into DrPyhton nor have I (personally) ever played with accessing remote file system and ssh.

      If it would be a good implementation, we could add it even into the core.
      For plugins, there are interfaces in open and save file, maybe (we) can use them.

      • Eric s. Johansson

        after I posted my query, I started thinking about Python and remote file access etc. and I came across this module (which is used by the bzr folks

        this class library looks like it handles all of the possible queries you may need to do.

        I apologize for not being able to write the plug-in myself but I am in the process of reconstructing my development world because of an upgrade in my speech recognition engine (disability, can't type much, it's boring, it sucks), and make progress on to of my own open source projects (akasha and 2pennyblue)both of which are needed for a paying customer so I hope you understand my desperation to get working as soon as possible.  I'm trying your editor because it's simple, and it doesn't cost me much to try and fail but I hope I will succeed.  In the meantime, I will use unison to synchronize files across two machines (Windows and Linux as my way of updating/transferring etc. etc..

        I have another question about accessibility but that's going to go in a new message

    • Franz Steinhaeusler

      Thank you for your confidence and your interest in DrPython.
      No problem at all for not having time for that. As I'm only a deputee
      of this project; maybe we could increase our project memberlist. ;)


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