• Daniel Pozmanter

    Some internal tweaks and fixes in plugins, bugfixes in open imported module, patchs from Franz in Find Previous, Editing Plugin Source, the bookmarks dialog, save all.  The Documents Menu is now sorted alphabetically.

    • Franz Steinhaeusler


      I have wondered, why I had difficulities in the
      plugin "ListShortcuts" to get the plugin name.
      (for the insert menu)
      So I saw, that all functions, which ends with '>'
      for example "Insert Document Filename >" are not
      stored properly in the shortcuts file (because of
      the '>', which is also used for delimiter.
      (Really in writing plugins, you discover a lot:))

      There is a problem in update or save shortcuts.
      After leaving the dialog, the shortcuts don't work
      properly. But when you restart DrPython, everything
      is ok again.

      Eh, to sort the drscript menus in customize shortcuts
      is not possible? (because I saw a comment:
      #Do NOT sort DrScript.
      in drShortcutsdialog.py.


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