#24 3.6.0 Plugin Preferences

Dan Kruger

Plugin Preferences do not refresh until you restart

I assume the preferred behavior would be like 3.5.x
where the preferences appear right away.


  • Daniel Pozmanter

    • status: open --> pending
  • Daniel Pozmanter

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    What plugin is this with?

    My prefs for search in files seem to update just fine.

    Or do you mean the plugin preferences menu?

    As of 3.6.0, plugins are only loaded by startup (unless they
    are indexed). This prevents errors some plugins have (some
    plugins can only be loaded at startup. Loading them after
    install can cause issues).

  • Dan Kruger

    Dan Kruger - 2004-10-20

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    I had to re-install sessions, and did so by .py file. I did
    notice the indexed installs are handled differently.

    Maybe this isnt a bug afterall. I was just confused because
    the behavior wasn't consistent.

    A suggestion to combat confusion (provided I'm not the only
    one), would possibly be to mimic Windows and prompt to
    restart drPython automatically (or later) if something isn't
    going to appear as though it's active right away.

  • Dan Kruger

    Dan Kruger - 2004-10-20
    • status: pending --> open
  • Daniel Pozmanter

    • status: open --> closed-invalid
  • Daniel Pozmanter

    Logged In: YES

    Sessions need to load at startup. Sessions was one of the
    plugins that made me think this was needed.

    In the docs, I do warn that you need to restart drpython to
    load the plugin. I may add something like a warning in the


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