#90 Problem running DrJava on Eclipse3.1 with jre1.5.0_04


Exception in thread "Export DrJava to RMI Thread"
java.rmi.StubNotFoundException: Stub class not found:
nested exception is:

Can we help me, please?


  • Alberto Bottega

    Alberto Bottega - 2005-08-24
    • assigned_to: nobody --> dlsmith
  • Dan Smith

    Dan Smith - 2005-08-24
    • assigned_to: dlsmith --> nobody
  • Dan Smith

    Dan Smith - 2005-08-24

    Logged In: YES

    I'm not clear on which of the following best describes your situation:

    1) You are trying to run our distribution of the Eclipse plugin and it is
    crashing. If so, we're sorry to say that the Eclipse plugin has not been
    under active development for some time now, and we've heard that there
    are problems under some platforms. If you let us know what operating
    system and what version of the plugin you are running, we may be able
    to offer some further help, but we aren't able to fully support the plugin
    for the time being.

    2) You are trying to *build* the Eclipse plugin sources in Eclipse, and
    you get the exception when you try to run it. The notes under (3) might
    be relevant.

    3) You are trying to build the DrJava application sources in Eclipse, and
    you get the exception when you try to run it. In this case, please note
    that we have an RMI compilation step in our build process, in order to
    facilitate inter-process communication. You could explore the build.xml
    file for information on this compilation step.

    Again, we might be able to offer further help if you could clarify which
    case describes your situation.


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