#212 Won't run on Mac OS 10.5


Dr.Java is downloaded, but when clicked to run, nothing happens. Please Help


  • Mathias Ricken

    Mathias Ricken - 2009-05-13

    What version have you downloaded? I assume you are using the Mac application, right? Have you tried downloading the jar instead?

  • Robert Cartwright

    I presume that you have downloaded the Mac app version of DrJava and tried to run it. I suggest downloading the jar file to your desktop and simply clicking on it. If your Mac software is up to date, Java 6.0 should be installed. You can confirm that Java is running properly by opening a terminal and typing:

    java -version

    which should print the version of Java that is installed. Of course, you need to have the java executable binary on your PATH environment variable (set in your .bashrc file). On my MacBook (which is only running 10.4 since Apple has declined to support Java 6.0 on 32-bit Core Duo MacBooks), the path to the java executable is:


    If clicking on the jar file doesn't work, you can use the terminal to manually run the jar file by cd'ing to the Desktop (or whatever directory contains the jar file) and typing

    java -jar <jar-file-name>

    For example, if the jar file is named drjava-beta-20090505-r4932.jar, you would type

    java -jar drjava-beta-20090505-r4932.jar

    Or course, you can use command completion (the tab key) to generate most of the text of the name of the jar file.


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