#297 Use AWT file chooser under OS X

Dan Smith

According to this article:


The AWT file chooser looks much better under OS X than the Swing
version. If that's true, it would be nice to use it instead (refactoring the
file chooser creation logic into the platform-specific code). The Swing
version is quite annoying, when compared to the native OS X dialog.


  • scottspe

    scottspe - 2006-05-24

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    I agree with this. The AWT file chooser IS better for OS X than that provided by

  • Peter Centgraf

    Peter Centgraf - 2006-05-25

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    This was considered a long time ago, and the decision was
    made to stay with Swing. AWT dialogs AFAIK cannot provide
    multi-select behavior. At the time, we thought that
    multi-select support trumped everything else.

    I sympathize with the request, and I agree that the standard
    Apple JFileChooser is awful. The best current workaround is
    to use the Quaqua look-and-feel, which provides a much more
    Mac-like JFileChooser implementation. I had this working at
    some point a long time ago, but the code is bit-rotten. I
    think I needed to change the way that the look-and-feel
    preference was used at startup to make it work. I'm sure
    the team would appreciate an up-to-date patch, if anyone
    would like to investigate this again. :-)

  • Dan Smith

    Dan Smith - 2006-05-25

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    Quaqua sounds like a very promising option. I tried to
    find something like that myself, and didn't have any
    luck. Here's the URL:


    For comparison, this page has some screen shots of
    Apple's built-in Java dialogs:


    The document is somewhat out-of-date, but the Swing
    screen shot is fairly accurate, so I imagine the AWT one
    is, too. The page also has some general information on
    OS X/Swing GUI issues (as of 1.3, anyway).

  • Dan Smith

    Dan Smith - 2006-09-13
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