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I love Dr.Java, and I would like to know if there is a
way for us to translate Dr.Java to other languages like
Portuguese, French, Spanish, Italian, et cetera?

Thank you and a proper continuation of this.


  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    I'd like to put my lenguaje there too!

  • Robert Cartwright

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    We have not yet invested the resources required to
    internationalize DrJava. All of the text displays and
    messages would have to be located in a resources file and
    all references to text would have to indirect through the
    resources file. I will put this request on the list of
    issues that may be addressed in my course on production
    programming in the Spring (2006). If we refactor DrJava in
    this way, then a translation can be created simply by
    creating a new resources file with the appropriate language
    text for each entry in the file.

    We would gladly allow versions of DrJava customized to
    different languages to be redistributed by sites that
    develop the customized form. (Our open source license
    already allows this but we would be willing to provide some
    coordination and support.) If we can find a pool of
    international users who are willing to create the resource
    files to support various languages then I would place this
    project near the top of our priority list for new
    development work this Spring.


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