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I am trying to use the current stable release for mac osx with the current version of jdk which i think is 7. I have mountain lion on my computer mac right now. I downloaded both jdk 7 and the most recent stable version of drjava. when i go to open it up i get a message saying that drjava has been damaged and can't open. It tells me to move it to the trash. I have been searching for a while now an haven't found anything on it. When i look up the problem in the help guide for my mac it says that the code has been changed and is different than the original code that was signed to it. How do i fix this.


  • Omar Tovar

    Omar Tovar - 2012-10-04

    I am experiencing the same problem, I have hunch that it is because we have Mountain Lion and I was considering downgrading to Lion, but I think I might as well just download Eclipse instead.
    Have you tried anything else?

  • Scot Drysdale

    Scot Drysdale - 2012-12-28

    I have the same problem running OS 10.8.2. I get the same error message for the last 3 stable downloads, so it is not just the last version. However, I was able to download the most recent stable version to another computer running OS 10.7.5. It runs on that computer. Also, if I transfer the file to the new computer running OS 10.8.2 it runs fine. It appears that Mountain Lion does not like the way that the program is bundled.


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