#926 Compiler shows none for JDK 1.7

4: Serious

I have two students (in Windows 7) who have downloaded the latest DrJava and JDK (1.7), and their Compiler shows up as "None" in the Compiler output pane. We have found tools.jar in the Lib folder, but still can't get it to recognize the compiler. The result is that they can't compile. I'm having them fall back to an earlier JDK for now. (Mark Guzdial, guzdial@cc.gatech.edu)


  • Mathias Ricken

    Mathias Ricken - 2012-01-24

    Hi Mark,

    What version of DrJava are these students using? Our latest stable release does not yet support Java 7, but our latest beta release does. If your students aren't using the beta version drjava-beta-20110822-r5448, can you please ask them to try it?


    If they are using the beta version, and they are still having trouble, they might want to try our latest weekly build:


    And if that doesn't help, could they please provide a little bit more information about their systems? Please ask them to go to "Help -> About" and click on "System Properties". Then, ask them to click the "Copy System Properties" button and paste the results here in a new comment.



  • Robert Cartwright

    Hi Mark,

    DrJava uses internal interfaces to invoke the Java compiler which typically change with each new release. We have to craft an adapter for each new major version of the Java JDK. The current stable release was built before Java 7 was released. We will release a new stable release nearly identical to the current beta release soon.

    -- Corky

  • Mark Guzdial

    Mark Guzdial - 2012-01-28

    Thank you both! Two students have successfully fallen back to 1.6 and are now using the latest stable build. A third student is using 1.7 and the beta, also successfully. I do appreciate your rapid response, and so do my students!


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