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Dreams Eternal updated and Crystal Entity Layer

Dreams Eternal is again updated for latest CS. Note that I started a new project called Crystal Entity Layer which will hold a generalized version of the entity system used in Dreams Eternal. Later DE will be modified to use CEL.


Posted by Jorrit Tyberghein 2001-07-19

Dreams Eternal updated again

Dreams Eternal now works again with latest CS (0.19).

Posted by Jorrit Tyberghein 2001-06-26

Dreams Eternal works with latest CS (0.19/cvs)

I updated Dreams Eternal to work with latest CS (0.19/cvs). Please note that work on Dreams Eternal is suspended until CS 1.0 is released (which is hopefully not too far in the future).


Posted by Jorrit Tyberghein 2001-05-14

Dreams Eternal updated for Crystal Space 0.19

I fixed Dreams Eternal so that it works with Crystal Space 0.19 (CVS version of Crystal Space). However this means that DE will NOT work with CS 0.18!

In addition you should note that while work on Dreams Eternal is now suspended, I still plan to work on this after CS 1.0 is released. I'm currently working very hard towards CS 1.0 and this leaves me no time for Dreams Eternal unfortunatelly.


Posted by Jorrit Tyberghein 2001-03-13

First screenshots for Dreams Eternal!

I added a screenshot page containing the first two screenshots of Dreams Eternal (check it out at http://dreams.sourceforge.net\). The first screenshot is of the current menu screen and the second of the play area overlayed with the inventory window. These are only the first screenshots of a very pre-alpha program. Keep that in mind when viewing them.


Posted by Jorrit Tyberghein 2000-11-20

Opened #DreamsEternal IRC channel on irc.linux.com

There is now an IRC channel for DreamsEternal on irc.linux.com (Open Projects Network). I will usually be there during the week from 8:00 to 16:30 (GMT+1).


Posted by Jorrit Tyberghein 2000-11-07

Looking for 3D-Models to use in Dreams Eternal

The source code of Dreams Eternal will soon be in a state where it is possible for a player to interact fully with the environment. Things like picking up objects, turning on a candle, throwing away objects, turning on the television, turning on a light, ... will all be possible soon. But I need 3D models to represent all these things. My first priority for Dreams Eternal is to set up the first level (the player's dream) so that you can fully interact with the objects in it. So I need the following soon:... read more

Posted by Jorrit Tyberghein 2000-10-31

Update to Design Doc for Dreams Eternal: Entity System

I added a technical description of the design document for Dreams Eternal about the C++/Python entity system. This is a very important description if you are serious about helping development.


Posted by Jorrit Tyberghein 2000-10-30

New source code and concept art for Dreams Eternal

I integrated CSWS (Crystal Space Window System) with the Dreams Eternal source base. CSWS is going to be used for the menu system. I already added a simple (completely empty) inventory window.

In addition I got some concept art from Karsten-A Otto for a possible look for the inventory or status window. Check it out and tell me if you like it.


Posted by Jorrit Tyberghein 2000-10-18

Update Dreams Eternal Design Document

I added several things to the design document: user interface section, cutscene section, a new dream, creatures, ...

I like feedback on this.


Posted by Jorrit Tyberghein 2000-10-16

Python support for Dreams Eternal

We are going to use Python for scripting. Entities will be controlled by python scripts. Today I updated the Crystal Space python scripting system so that it works again. Check out the pysimple application in CS to see how it works. And now I also integrated Python with Dreams Eternal. At the moment a very simple script is started that prints Hello World to the console :-)


Posted by Jorrit Tyberghein 2000-10-05

New Concept Art (music + image) for Dreams Eternal

There is some new concept art on the Dreams Eternal home page. It is a new and very nice image from Bill and a music sample from Jim. Check it out!

Posted by Jorrit Tyberghein 2000-10-02

Dynamic Music System for Dreams Eternal

Tim Pike commited a first version of a dynamic music system for Dreams Eternal. This system will play music that reacts to the environment in some ways (i.e. when a monster comes near you the music could play louder).

Posted by Jorrit Tyberghein 2000-09-21

New Design Document and Concept Art for Dreams Eternal

I added a new design document which will eventually describe the inner workings of the entire game (not at the code level but at the game level itself). This is only a first draft.

Then I also added some new concept art from Thierry Tranchina. Including something I don't want to see in real life :-)


Posted by Jorrit Tyberghein 2000-09-21

First New Webpage for Dreams Eternal

Have a look at the updated web page (http://dreams.sourceforge.net). This is a good start but we will improve it more in the near future.


Posted by Jorrit Tyberghein 2000-09-18

Dreams Eternal Game Survey

I added a survey to the Dreams Eternal SourceForge page asking three questions. I'm interested to hear what you think about first person view as opposed to third person view. i.e. what is more scary? In movies it is usually third person view but the camera is always placed strategically to heighten the fear effect. Another question is about networking. This FPS is about solving a story. Does networking fit into this? The last question is a general question about what things you would like to see in this game.... read more

Posted by Jorrit Tyberghein 2000-09-15

First Code for Dreams Eternal is in CVS

In the CVS repository you can now find the first version of the Dreams Eternal source code. This is a very basic engine program that lets you run around in a small level. It uses third person view. There is nothing more to it right now. Note that you need a fully installed/compiled version of CS to run this.


Posted by Jorrit Tyberghein 2000-09-13

New FPS game Dreams Eternal started

Yet another FPS! Yes, you are right. But I hope it will be a good one. The plan is to make an FPS with a strong story and one where the S part of FPS is not THAT important. I don't have a web page yet but I will soon put one up which will contain the basic storyline and some of the goals and plans that I have. The game will be made using the Crystal Space 3D engine (also on SourceForge or else visit http://crystal.linuxgames.com\).... read more

Posted by Jorrit Tyberghein 2000-09-12

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