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Drawpile 0.9.10 released

Version 0.9.10 of Drawpile is now available for download!

This release adds support for making simple animations.
Related new features are:

  • New layer view modes (solo and onionskin) for working with layers as frames
  • An animation preview window
  • Animation export
  • Support for loading animated GIFs (each frame is loaded as a layer)

Other new features are:

  • Layers can now be inserted above the current layer, instead of always at the top
  • LAN server discovery using Bonjour or Avahi (not yet enabled in the Windows version)
  • Moving a selection now automatically moves the content too
  • Autosaving (works well with Krita's file-backed layers!)
  • Japanese and Russion translations... read more
Posted by Calle Laakkonen 2015-05-21

Drawpile 0.9.8 released

Drawpile 0.9.8 is now out! This release fixes a couple of major regressions introduced in the last version, in addition to the usual feature improvements.

Fixed bugs include:

  • Unnecessary retcon at start of new strokes (improves performance)
  • Fixed regression in annotation tool (annotation moving/resizing was broken in previous release)
  • Fixed retconning of indirect strokes

A bug that would crash Drawpile was reported for the previous version, but I have not been able to reproduce it myself. I did find a bug that might explain it, but haven't been able to test the fix. So, if you manage to crash the new version, please let me know!

Posted by Calle Laakkonen 2015-01-30

Drawpile 0.9.7 released

Drawpile 0.9.7 is now out, a bit earlier than originally planned. This release fixes two bugs that were discovered in the previous version: a crash when reordering layers and remote host address dropdown box not working when it contained more than one item.

This release also includes one cool new feature: a new lag-free synchronization method that replaces the old preview stroke layer. This fixes the problem of certain brushes strokes (e.g. watercolor) looking different while painting was in progress.... read more

Posted by Calle Laakkonen 2015-01-16

Drawpile 0.9.6 released

Version 0.9.6 of Drawpile is now out!

This release adds a number of new features:

  • Watercolor brush
  • Pixel grid for for high zoom levels
  • Support for all older session recording format versions
  • A command line tool for converting recordings to text format for easier analysis and modification

Other improvements include:

  • Improved OSX support
  • Smoother (thin) brush strokes
  • Mouse wheel zooming now zooms in 50% increments
  • Various bug fixes and other enhancements
Posted by Calle Laakkonen 2015-01-02

Drawpile 0.9.5 released

Version 0.9.5 of Drawpile is now out!

Improvements in this version include:

  • Added Czech translation
  • Improved canvas zooming and rotation
  • An option to disable tablet events
  • Tool specific cursors
  • Flood fill expansion
  • Added "recolor" (preserve alpha) blending mode
  • Fixed language fallback (The wrong translation would be loaded on some non-English systems)

This release also contains a few Mac specific improvements:... read more

Posted by Calle Laakkonen 2014-10-17

Drawpile 0.9.4 released

Version 0.9.4 of Drawpile is now available for download!

This release includes many bug fixes and usability enhancements, as well as a few new features. Notable improvements are:

  • Redesigned color docks: palette box and RGB/HSV sliders are now combined into a single dock and a color wheel was added.
  • New chat command to simulate dice rolls for online tabletop gaming
  • Layer locking is now supported in offline mode
  • Chat history can be optionally preserved
  • Improved drag & drop support
  • Added flood fill tool... read more
Posted by Calle Laakkonen 2014-08-15

Drawpile 0.9.3 released

Version 0.9.3 of Drawpile is now out. This is a maintenance release that fixes a couple of regressions introduced in 0.9.2.

Changes in this version include:

  • Paint tools on new windows are now enabled correctly
  • Rectangle fill now works again
  • Locked layers can no longer be merged
  • Various other bug fixes and minor feature enhancements
Posted by Calle Laakkonen 2014-07-18

Drawpile 0.9.2 released

Version 0.9.2 of Drawpile is now ready, containing dozens of bug fixes and usability improvements, as well as a few new features.

New features include:

  • Session hibernation, which allows persistent sessions to survive a server restart
  • An experimental web admin API for the server
  • Support for authenticated logins and moderator access on dedicated servers
  • I18n support

Bulk of the changes in this version are bug fixes. Refer to the commit log and github issue tracker for a detailed list.... read more

Posted by Calle Laakkonen 2014-07-12

Drawpile 0.9.1 released

Version 0.9.1 of Drawpile is now out!

This release fixes some bugs as well as introduces a few new features:

  • SSL support for the client and the dedicated server
  • Major memory leak fix
  • New color selecting widgets
  • New feature: tool slots for quickly changing between tool presets
  • Various minor bug fixes
Posted by Calle Laakkonen 2014-06-03

Drawpile 0.9.0 released

Version 0.9.0 of Drawpile is now out!

This release is mainly focused on server side improvements. The main new feature introduced is support for multiple sessions per server. Other improvements include:

  • Systemd socket activation support for the server
  • Server settings can now be loaded from a configuration file
  • URLs in chat messages are turned into clickable links
  • Various bugfixes and minor improvements
Posted by Calle Laakkonen 2014-05-07

Drawpile 0.8.6 released

Version 0.8.6 of Drawpile is now out!

This version introduces loads of new session recording related features:

  • Filter pauses, undone actions and other events from recordings
  • Indexed recordings enable quick jumping to any point in the recording
  • Bookmark positions in the recording for quick access

This release marks the end of the 0.8 series. The next release will be 0.9.0, which will focus on serverside enhancements. Later releases will focus on bug fixes and minor features until the first officially stable 1.0.0 version.

Posted by Calle Laakkonen 2014-03-27

Drawpile 0.8.5 released

Version 0.8.5 of Drawpile is now out!

With this release, Drawpile is now nearing the end of the 0.8 series, with perhaps one more point release to go before 0.9.0.

Notable changes in this version are:

  • New realistic stroke preview method
  • Shortcuts for changing the brush size using the keyboard or the mouse
  • Recordings can now be exported directly to video using ffmpeg
Posted by Calle Laakkonen 2014-02-25

Drawpile 0.8.4 released

Version 0.8.4 of Drawpile is now out!

Notable changes in this version include:

  • Change in the way pauses are recorded resulting in smoother playback
  • A new tool for drawing circles and ellipses
  • A virtual laser pointer tool for pointing at things on the canvas
  • Various bug fixes and other feature enhancements
Posted by Calle Laakkonen 2014-02-03

Drawpile 0.8.3 released

Version 0.8.3 of Drawpile is now released!

This release introduces a couple of usability enhancing features, as well as bug fixes. Most importantly, Drawpile now has a builtin smoother that should eliminate jitter from the stylus or mouse. Also, a that caused jaggy lines when drawing with a tablet was found and fixed.

Also, the windows build now comes bundled with a small tool for diagnosing tablet problems.

Posted by Calle Laakkonen 2014-01-17

Drawpile 0.8.2 released

Version 0.8.2 of Drawpile is now released!

This release brings Drawpile one major milestone closer to finishing the original roadmap by introducing session recording support. The drawing session can now be recorded as an event file that can be played back and exported as a video.

Other changes in this release include server improvements and smoother brush stroke rendering.

Posted by Calle Laakkonen 2014-01-10

DrawPile 0.8.1 released

Version 0.8.1 of DrawPile is out!

This release focuses more on smaller features, bugfixes and behind the scenes work before the next major milestone, which is session recording.

Highlights for this version:

  • Canvas resizing
  • Improved annotation editing
  • UI for granting session operator privileges to other users
  • Floating markers for identifying who is drawing at the moment
  • Improved layer access controls
  • System icon theme is used, if available
Posted by Calle Laakkonen 2013-12-30

DrawPile 0.8.0 released

The first version of the 0.8 development branch is out!

The most important change in this version is the addition of Undo and Redo functions. Undo is multiuser aware: undoing your own changes will not affect other users' drawing.

Other notable feature enhancements are:

  • New "paste from file" action
  • Paste by drag & drop
  • Added upload progress bar
Posted by Calle Laakkonen 2013-12-20

DrawPile 0.7.2 released

Version 0.7.2 of DrawPile, a collaborative drawing program, is out!

This release brings new features and fixes some long standing annoyances:

  • Users can now be given exclusive access to layers
  • Copy & paste is now supported
  • Visible annotations are now included in saved images
  • Builtin ability to look up the computer's externally visible IP address
  • Fullscreen mode works better (menu is now hidden and floating docks remain visible)... read more
Posted by Calle Laakkonen 2013-12-14

DrawPile 0.7.1 released

The next release of DrawPile, a collaborative drawing program, is out! This time, binaries for Windows are included!

Notable changes in this version are:

  • Layer blending modes are now supported
  • Indirect drawing mode is now supported
  • Updated UI style for brush and layer settings, user list and chat box
Posted by Calle Laakkonen 2013-12-07

DrawPile 0.7.0 released

After a five year break, the next DrawPile release is here. This version includes a completely rewritten network protocol and server and brings support for layers, the OpenRaster file format and of course little fixes and improvements here and there.

Posted by Calle Laakkonen 2013-11-28

Drawpile at GitHub

Sorry, no new features yet, but DrawPile code is now at GitHub! The project homepage and releases will stay on sourceforge, but the bleeding edge can now be found at http://github.com/callaa/Drawpile

Posted by Calle Laakkonen 2010-11-02

DrawPile 0.6.0 released

The 0.6 release of DrawPile is here, featuring antialiased drawing and new blend modes. Other notable new features include the ability to rotate the canvas view and changeable keyboard shortcuts.
This release paves the way for the future versions which will include advanced features like layers, multiuser undo and session recording.

Posted by Calle Laakkonen 2008-10-21

DrawPile development continues with 0.5.0 release

After a year's hiatus, the next DrawPile release is finally here. This release features a completely rewritten server, a tile based drawing engine, an annotation tool and stability enhancements.

Posted by Calle Laakkonen 2008-09-26

DrawPile 0.4.0 released

The fourth release of DrawPile, the collaborative drawing program was made today.
This release fixes a few nasty bugs (such as the the inability to join password protected sessions) and brings lots of new features.
Some of the most interesting new features include brush dab spacing which allows much lighter brush strokes, a line and rectangle tools and new color selection docks.

Posted by Calle Laakkonen 2007-04-10

DrawPile 0.3.0 released

DrawPile now has support for session management and chat. The session owner can now protected the drawing board by locking and removing unwanted users. Users can now also converse with the new built in chat feature.
A few bug fixes also made it into this release. Most notably several tablet handling problems were corrected.

Posted by Calle Laakkonen 2007-01-18