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DragMath v0.7.9 released

New Features:

1. Load/Save expression as a String

New Languages:

1. Turkish

Posted by Alex Billingsley 2010-10-10

DragMath v0.7.8.1 released

Bugs fixed:

1. Error with library file locations (not fixed in 0.7.8)
2. Error with XML Parser

Posted by Alex Billingsley 2009-07-06

DragMath v0.7.8 released

DragMath 0.7.8 released 06/06/2009

New Languages:

1. Persian

Bugs fixed:

1. Error with library file locations

Posted by Alex Billingsley 2009-06-06

DragMath v0.7.7 released

DragMath 0.7.7 released 19/02/2009

New Features:

- Turn implicit multiplication on/off
- Turn decimal numbers on/off
- Italian language file

Posted by Alex Billingsley 2009-02-19

DragMath 0.7.4 released

DragMath 0.7.4 released 20/10/2008

New Features:

1. Show/Hide Menu
2. Show/Hide Toolbar
3. Customise Toolbar

Posted by Alex Billingsley 2008-10-20

DragMath v0.7.3 released

Release Notes for DragMath 0.7.3
Released 31/07/2008

Bugs fixed:

1. Infinity not working
2. Lambda not correct in output files
3. Improvements to French language file

Posted by Alex Billingsley 2008-07-31

DragMath v0.7.2 released

Release Notes for DragMath 0.7.2
Released 04/04/2008

New Features:

1. MoodleTex format file
2. ASCIIMathML format file

New languages:

1. Norwegian

Bugs fixed:

1. Unary minus not working with infinity

Posted by Alex Billingsley 2008-04-04

DragMath v0.7.1 released

Release Notes for DragMath 0.7.1

DragMath 0.7.1 released 28/02/2008

New Features:

1. Export to image

New languages:

1. Portuguese (Brazilian)

Posted by Alex Billingsley 2008-02-28

DragMath v0.7 released

DragMath 0.7 released 07/02/2008

New Features:
1. Arrows tab
2. Additonal operators in operator tab
3. Partial differential

New languages:
1. Catalan

Posted by Alex Billingsley 2008-02-07

DragMath v0.6.3 released

DragMath 0.6.3 released 10/01/2008

New languages:

1. German
2. Dutch

Posted by Alex Billingsley 2008-01-10

DragMath v0.6.2 released

DragMath 0.6.2 released 23/12/2007

New languages:

1. Russian
2. French

Bugs fixed:

1. ± sign not working

Posted by Alex Billingsley 2007-12-23

DragMath v0.6.1 released

RELEASE NOTES for DragMath 0.6.1

DragMath 0.6.1 released 18/12/2007

New Features:
- Not Equal operator

New Languages:
- Polish
- Czech (Completed)

Posted by Alex Billingsley 2007-12-18

DragMath v0.6 released

RELEASE NOTES for DragMath 0.6

DragMath 0.6 released 12/12/2007

New Features:
- Multi-level Undo and Redo
- Plus-Minus operator
- Select operator in workspace and replace with any other operator
- New menu bar
- Additions to parser

New Languages:
- Spanish
- Swedish (In progress)
- Czech (In progress)

Bugs Fixed:
- Greek letters not parsed correctly
- Brackets being added causing applet to crash
- Multi-language support not working

Posted by Alex Billingsley 2007-12-12

DragMath v0.5 released

RELEASE NOTES for DragMath 0.5

DragMath 0.5 released 20/09/2007

New Features:
- Support for Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.4 or higher
- Save/Load expressions to .drgm files
- Parameter to open applet with an expression

Posted by Alex Billingsley 2007-09-20

DragMath now integrated into Moodle

DragMath has been integrated into Moodle (http://www.moodle.org/). Please see the specific installation instructions - http://docs.moodle.org/en/DragMath_equation_editor

Posted by Alex Billingsley 2007-09-01

First DragMath release - v0.4

The first version of DragMath has been released, including the DragMath applet, documentation and examples of how it can be used to output Maxima, MathML and Latex. The documentation also describes how you can use DragMath to create expressions in any format.

Posted by Alex Billingsley 2007-08-17

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