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Draak Compiler / News: Recent posts

Draak v0.82.0 Released

Draak v0.82.0 has been released. This adds a lot of functionality to ObjectPascal, including a near perfect parsing of Pascal/Delphi source. Integer Types, subrange types, records, arrays, enumerations and ever a majority of object types have been implemented. Procedures and var/const/out/default parameters work very well, and functions work with only minor issues on some return types. A system unit has been started, but units are not fully functional yet.... read more

Posted by Jon Gentle 2004-03-05

Draak v0.81.0 (Initial) Released.

Draak v0.81.0 has been released! This is the initial release of Draak, weighing in at a (not so) heafty 521k. Download is available at .

This initial release allows anyone to parse just about any Delphi or Pascal file, and compile a large set of object pascal instructions, but no system unit is available for object pascal, sorry. I have included a tool for building grammars (TreeDraak), the Delphi component for building your own applications with Draak's core (DraakComp), the Pascal grammar thus far, and the very simple command line compiler draak.exe. Draak currently requires Win32 to run properly, however, it should be buildable under Kylix Open Edition with some minor changes to run under linux. Enjoy!... read more

Posted by Jon Gentle 2003-09-11